rotary mechanisms

r beny 
One Illusion Backward (Like Moth to Flame Rework)

blickwinkel 6  2022  Cassette/Digital
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On the special occasion I have the honor to rework a track, my particular intention is to interpret what the original piece means to me emotionally and filter it through the prism of my own musical processes in order to highlight that interpretation - while retaining the contour and spirit of the original piece.

In “Like Moth to Flame”, I gleaned a sense of inevitability - a feeling that history is bound to repeat itself and that a true nature cannot be changed. In that, as well as in the sparse, mostly acoustic instrumentation, I found myself feeling melancholic - but also a sense of comfort in something certain, rather than chaotic or random. A feeling of acceptance.

In the rework, I processed the original acoustic elements through various granular processors, multi-tap delays, and pitch-shifters to create new beds of sound. These layers retain the original melodic and harmonic content of the acoustic sounds, but stretches and mirrors them out, almost like you are viewing a landscape from underwater. 

– r beny

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