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Schreel Van De Velde

blickwinkel  28.05.2021  LP

As the album titles suggest, love in all its glory formed a major inspiration in the making of this album. The duo, however, didn’t restrain themselves to a sole conceptualization of this theme but instead explored it more widely and free. The result is a consistent collection of compositions reflecting on human encounters, relationships, sexuality and more. It’s love and broken love. It’s attraction and repulsion.

© Jelle Martens

With Balts, the duo created a set of animal miniatures evoking feelings of melancholy while also joy and happiness have their place. Given the instrumental nature of the songs, the music remains kind of mythical and never really shows its true meaning. As such, these little miniatures form the duo’s own unique wildlife and is open for the listeners interpretation and own narrative.

Schreel Van De Velde © Jelle Martens

Lucas Schreel is a classically trained guitarist based in Brussels. His first solo album We're Never Afraid of Getting Up Every Morning was released through Sentimental Records in 2019 and was well-received both in written-press (Humo, Enola & Indiestyle) and radio (Duyster, Radio 1 & Klara). Besides his solo work, Schreel is also a member of the lo-fi indierockband Kloothommel. Acclaimed Brussels percussionist Casper Van De Velde made quite a name for himself through his bands like SCHNTZL, Bombataz, Donder among others. His work received prices at International Jazz Contest d’Avignon and Storm! Contest (Jazzlab). Casper is currently also a member of the recently formed An Pierlé Quartet.

side a

1. Zwaan 03:41
2. Dolfijn 04:08
3. Luiaard 01:45
4. Otter 03:36
5. Przewalskipaard 02:05

side b

1. Rammelaar 02:32
2. Vuurgoudhaan 00:24
3. Alva 02:40
4. Rottweiler 01:52
5. Zeebeer 05:53
6. Varaan 06:16

Lucas Schreel: guitars, bass, keys
Casper Van De Velde: drums, percussion

Gary de la Vigne des Marqueszwavel: recording, mixing
Christophe Albertijn: mastering
Jelle Martens: paintings, photos and graphic design

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