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Ricky Ronda 
In Principe

blickwinkel 7  16.12.2022  LP/CD/Cassette

blickwinkel is happy to welcome Ricky Ronda to the label with his debut album In Principe. Over the course of several years, Ricky recorded and documented an enormous archive of songs which were only shared occasionally. Even though there’s no overall narrative involved, it’s easy to imagine a large circus with different acts in different rooms, representing a varied range of different styles and moods. Ricky Ronda opens his circus on December 16 through a limited edition cassette.

Ricky Ronda is the moniker of Brussels-based musician and visual artist Brecht Hayen. He writes songs for his band Frankie who got praised in Belgian press for their Laguna Beach performance. New work of Ricky Ronda is set to be released in 2023. 

Ricky Ronda © Jelle Martens

side A

1. TEST 8
2. We have Tyme, No Kush
3. Alison
4. Stop Starring At My Hits
6. In Principe

side B

7. Ricky's Back 3
8. M.L. with O.N. on R.C.
9. H8MALE BL0U53
10. Frankie Rustig
11. Walsje

Music: Ricky Ronda / Brecht Hayen
Mastering: Ian Hawgood
Design: Jelle Martens
Thank you Jelle, Pieter, Mathieu, Simon, Margaux, Vincent, Camille, Timo, Leo, Jef, Fil and Jesse.

Blickwinkel 7

© blickwinkel 2023