rotary mechanisms

Pierre Bastien & Casper Van De Velde
Wednesday 20.04.2022 - Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

blickwinkel 2  2022  postcard / concert

At our invitation, Pierre Bastien and Casper Van De Velde resided in Werkplaats Walter. We know Casper as the percussionist of, among others, SCHNTZL, Bombataz and the recent duo Schreel Van De Velde. Pierre has been creating a furor for several decades with self-made instruments with which he creates a world of his own, both in the studio and on stage. Both musicians came together for the first time and immediately ventured into Werkplaats Walter for a concert  at the end of their residency. An album will be released from this residency in 2023.

Pierre Bastien: objects, trumpet
Casper Van De Velde: percussions, drums

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