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Lukas De Clerck 

blickwinkel 9  12.05.2023  CD/Cassette/Digital
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Announcing CHERCHI CHERCHI, a new album by Lukas De Clerck! After his well-received debut MILLI MILLE under his formerly Bloedneus & de Snuitkever moniker, De Clerck returns with his first album under his own name. CERCHI CERCHI is the result of a site-specific interaction with a sound-installation by Hans van Koolwijk called ‘Oorsprong’, made during a residency at Klankenbos last year. The album is out May 12 2023 on limited edition CD, tape and digital.

Oorsprong is a tube, a line in a forest, a sound sculpture. Acoustics to be revealed.
Activated by entering, it becomes a giant flute producing a tone that is so low, the body crashes into waves of pure pressure instead of sound. Untranslatable energy. CERCHI CERCHI is a quest in a forest to find traces of that untranslatable sound, its impact, its imprint, its memory. A hide and seek in which the body is concealed in the instrument, becoming its second voice, hidden but exposed.

© Jelle Martens

© Jelle Martens

whistling, organ pipe, voice
A whistle, a whisper, a play of breath. Echoes of a low pulse, colliding into each other.
Party in the background, a coach blows a whistle, a haunting scream echoes the whistling from inside, kids returning from a party.

voice, whistling
To give away your voice, a gesture. The initiative for an introduction.
Birds chirping, an F16 piercing through the sky.

A circular breath gently caresses a line of circles, making its surface ringing.
Birds chirping, voices of kids, kids shouting, the door of Oorsprong closes.

oorsprong, two bass recorders
When tuning becomes rhythm, when rhythm becomes a beat of breath. A beat underneath the beating of tones. Feedback of flutes.
The clanging of 2 bass recorders, the ventilator of Oorsprong is turning on.

In Oorsprong, a sound installation by Hans van Koolwijk, we hear Lukas De Clerck playing Kaval, one Organ pipe, bass recorders and his voice, revealing the different acoustic qualities of the space.
The interactions were recorded by Stijn Demeulenaere.

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