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Joseph Kudirka 
Music Box Music

blickwinkel 8  01.03.2023  Cassette/Digital

blickwinkel welcomes Joseph Kudirka to its label with the release of his new album Music Box Music. As the title suggests, the album is entirely made with music boxes and is based on compositions which were sent to him by friends. Over the course of the several lockdowns, Kudirka carefully translated these compositions (read: punched holes) into suitable sheets for the instrument. Given the sole use of these music boxes, it’s not a surprise that the overall sound of the album has a fragile and tactile touch. However, the nature of the compositions add a modern substantial layer resulting in a surprising and refreshing take on this instrument. Music Box Musicwill be released on March 1, 2023 and available on limited edition cassette and digital.

Joseph Kudirka © Jelle Martens

Joseph Kudirka is a Berlin-based performer and composer who is interested in the residuals of both physical and cultural musical matter. His works have been performed by Apartment House, Wandelweiser Komponisten Ensemble, Ensemble Neue Horizonte Bern, Zinc & Copper Works among others. As a contrabassist, he has performed pieces composed for him by Antoine Beuger, Michael Maierhoff, and Eva-Maria Houben. He has released music music on labels such as Another Timbre and Edition Wandelweiser (John Cage, Erik Satie, Rutger Zuydervelt…).

Joseph Kudirka © Anton Lukoszevieze

Side A 

Stephen Chase - Study #1
Craig Shepard - Carlisle, 15th May, 2020
Christian Wolff
    - Music Box Music 1
    - Music Box Music 2
    - Music Box Music 3
    - Music Box Music 4
Eleni Poulou - vint
Huw Morgan
    - Two Canons: 1
    - Two Canons: 2
Margareth Kammerer
    - Galileo 1
    - Galileo 2
Joseph Kudirka - 27 Crosses

Side B

Luiz Henrique Yudo - MANDALA
Stephen Chase - plötzlich im nebel
Michael Bonaventure - Odd, Even
Eleni Poulou
    - molten fair view
    - betterment key
    - fenced on
    - the eclipse before
Federico Pozzer - 30 Strips
Joseph Kudirka - Ruhezeiten

Recorded and mastered by Jaike Stambach

Painting and design by Jelle Martens

blickwinkel 8

© blickwinkel 2023