rotary mechanisms

Elisabeth Klinck + Bloedneus & de Snuitkever
Wednesday 23.03.2022 - de Koer, Ghent

blickwinkel 2  2022  concert / postcard

Elisabeth Klinck organically blends classical violin, experimental techniques, free improvisation and live electronics. Minutely, she constructs a landscape of expanding sounds that are constantly under tension. Get carried away in her lush poetry finished with minimalist touches.

Bloedneus & de Snuitkever is the solo project of musician and sound artist Lukas De Clerck. At its center is the Aulos, an ancient Greek double-blower that remained unplayed for more than a millennium. An insurmountable auto-didact, he creates associative improvisations based on sound imagination.

Elisabeth Klinck: Violin, electronics
Bloedneus & de Snuitkever: Aulus

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