rotary mechanisms

Ameel Brecht (with Walter Hus)
+ Ann Eysermans
Friday 21.10.2022 - de Koer, Ghent

20:00  €10/€12  concert

Ameel Brecht launches his new album, The Locked Room, a continuation into free, metaphysical string music. Ameel shares sounds that crawl under the skin and manages to let the instruments speak for themselves. For this occasion, pianist-improviser Walter Hus will join him.

Ann Eysermans creates poetic compositions with harp and double bass. A collection of sounds takes you through stories that transform and evolve. Get carried away in her sound play under tension with visual finishing touches.

Ameel Brecht: Mandolin, violone
Walter Hus: piano, synths
Ann Eysermans: Harp

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Ameel Brecht © Jelle Martens

Ann Eysermans © Geert Vandepoele

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