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Ameel Brecht 

blickwinkel 13  17.11.2023  Cassette/Digital

'Ebb-tide' is the first release in an upcoming series of limited-run cassettes, focusing on Ameel Brecht's "sleep" compositions; music inspired by the vulnerability of sleep, by dream levels, Kleitman and the Wander Company, by sleep's alienation
and by the time jungles in the dreaming part of us.

As a first CS, 'Ebb-tide' is about the hushed slow-motion waves of falling asleep, about the moment in-between waking and sleeping, when conscious life ebbs off, daytime rush meets nighttime drif and the world we see with open eyes meets the landscapes behind our eyelids.

© Jelle Martens

Side A

Play Dead

Side B

Blue Season

All music written and performed by Ameel Brecht
Recorded by David Poltrock in Schaarbeek, June 2023
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu
Sleeve design by Jelle Martens
Cover image by Odilon Redon A Woman Clothed with the Sun, 1899

blickwinkel 13

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